Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If I do this correctly... there will be three photos of a sweater I made from a beautiful wool sweater knit with denim "strips" embedded. I haven't worn it in awhile but remembered it during a discussion on embellishing machines. I am always asked if I made the fabric... I bet something similar could be created with these machines! It appears that there is random pintucking as well in the base sweater fabric, there is actually no pintucking but rather the weave to have the "raised" or "pintucked" effect. The denim is very thready for lack of better description, i.e. rather than strips of solid denim it appears what may have started as strips could have been frayed then couched/embedded as part of the weaving process. I think if I were to try this I would cut strips, stitch a row of straight stitching down center, fringe, then perhaps wash/dry to beat it up some. On the photo of the wrong side of the fabric we really just see threads peeping through. It's this kind of fabric .... serious texture that makes me HAVE to reach out and touch ... that is truly irresistable! What can't you resist?

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