Sunday, March 14, 2010

The BEST Gifts!

Are the unexpected ones!

My dear friend received the purple quilt yesterday, along with a lovely apron I made to match her kitchen - blue faux suede embroidered with Chinese lettering/saying, with blue/white floral oriental brocade pockets matching reverse side.
Always appreciative of the effort someone gives even if a gift isn't "just right", she was elated. And she truly appreciates the irony behind the quilt. I felt as if I were doing battle each time I sat down to quilt that baby... yet at the same time there was an element of relaxation and satisfaction as I saw it come together. I am so glad I did it and decided to give it to her!


  1. glad the quilt is done! do you have pics of the apron. Sounds very cool.

  2. Thanks Laura...I didn't take apron pics... or maybe I did on my phone camera which died. Maybe I can get my friend to take/send photos.