Monday, March 29, 2010


My favorite sewing time is just sitting relaxing in front of the machine stitching away. I'm fortunate to have a beautiful view which makes it all the better. I used to love cutting a new project, the anticipation of what was to become... I think the enormous fabric stash makes the experience less unique than when I purchased just one piece.... perhaps two... at a time! So yesterday I decided to have a cutfest and get several projects ready. Still have linings to cut (I do still like cutting fashion fabric... but NOT lining! It's just... kind of boring. And it's not another new garment! Anyone else think like this?).

Two skirts which can go business or business casual or the black/white floral casual for summer, Vogue 8603 and Simplicity 2475. The black/natural raw silk for the Vogue pattern (short view) was part of a bagfull of fabric treasures from a good friend. I love fabric gifts, adds sentimental value to what you're wearing! And last, a suit from this 1996 Vogue Karl Lagerfeld pattern (yes I am trimming back that scarey upper collar!). A basic boring black wool lycra blend with very subtle pintstripes, I think with the intricate antique looking silver oxidized buttons it will be conservative yet unique at the same time. I'm not sure where the pattern photo will appear... I am still working at mastering text/photo placement on blogger and it's always a surprise!

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