Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vogue 8603

I was waylaid in my quest to stitch up that stack of new clothes from the cutathon... I threw another jacket into the mix but came back to work on this skirt (this is how UFO's are created...). I really like the skirt, hard to tell from the photo, it may be more flattering with a shorter top tucked in, it is waist flattering. I needed to take it in some and decided to take more off the center front panel to do so - I think this gives the panel (and hence the body) a slimmer look, closer vertical lines.... I think the cf panel looks big even the very slim straight model on pattern photo. The weave of this raw silk creates something of a horizontal "line" effect so the gathered portions of the side panels create a somewhat bias look - would be interesting in a narrow stripe.
I'd say something wonky happened to the lower back gathered panel, looks like it's sticking out in photo at right... the hem is actually even from ground, but I think a combination of the fabric being somewhat stiff and a couple areas where the gathering became something of a pleat (since rrrrripppped and restitched) was the cause. Other ideas?
This pattern will definitely be made up again, went together quickly and easily yet can be very sophisticated or casual depending on fabric.

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