Monday, February 8, 2010


I love fabric. But like chocolate, it's a selective love....
As discussed previously, texture possesses a magnetism stronger than color, fiber, etc.
So while the colors are lovely and the process of simple strip quilting relaxing, the texturally lacking cotton prints are less than stimulating. Perhaps in an interestingly seamed pocketed yoked fly zipped summer skirt this wouldn't be such a yawn...
But I have taken this on, as a confirmed non quilter, and hope to finish today or tomorrow to send off to a dear friend as an unexpected gift. The top is nearly done... but then... I need to quilt. It's when the project grows massive in size (literally) that it becomes unwieldly and I lose interest.
I admire the dedication and creativity of the many quilt artisans out there, and while it's an art and talent I appreciate, particularly the fact that these artists are instrumental in keeping the sewing industry alive, I shall be greatly relieved when this is done and I can indulge in something more (personally) rewarding like uncooperative knits, bound buttonholes, bindings, tweedy wool jackets with trimmings, etc. !
Do you sew anything you don't love?

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